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Dj Chips Say Somethin' #3 Bronx

 I didn't hear about any Zulu when we were in Brooklyn. South Bronx was a burned out wasteland. It looked liked Hiroshima after the A bomb hit it. This is the reason nobody from the other 4 boroughs went to party in the Bronx. The landlords burned down their buildings up there to collect insurance money. The neighborhood suffered badly. Many gangs took over sections of South Bronx. What I saw when we did the block party was a ghetto community. There were only a few decent houses on the block. I don't remember if Zulu Nation was established when I went up there. I think I was in Black Spades territory in 75. What are you thinking about UZN? I don't remember the Zulu Nation taking a foothold here in Brooklyn. It was a Bronx thang, because they had the gang problem. We only had two major gangs here in the Brooklyn and they weren't that huge. They didn't last long. The gang mentality didn't grow here in Brooklyn, because economically we were better off than the Bronx; we didn't all those burned out buildings and devastated neighborhoods. Kids in Brooklyn were better off than the Bronx. The only group close to the Zulu Nation was the rap group X-Clan here from Brooklyn. Although their principles seem honorable, I do not hear much about the Zulu Nation anymore. I think the gangsta rap and bling-bling rap pushed all that peace love and unity ideas to the side. Rap became more about money and how many women you have. When I think about Afro-centric rap: Public Enemy will always be number one in my opinion.
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