piątek, 13 grudnia 2019

J.B.'s - The More Mess On My Thing

Kolejna już odsłona nie wydanych wcześniej nagrań kapeli The J.B.'s. Na płycie znajdą się trzy utwory, nagrane w roku 1969.

Winyl wraz z bookletem o historii nagrania.

czwartek, 12 grudnia 2019

Danny Aiello R.I.P.

20/06/1933 - 12/12/2019

Sal: What'd I tell you about that noise?

Buggin' Out: What'd I tell you about them pictures?

Sal: What the fuck, are you deaf?

Buggin' Out: No! Are you? Fuck you! We want some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame now!

Mookie: We're trying to go fucking home! We've been here all fucking day, Buggin Out!

Sal: Turn that jungle music off! We ain't in Africa!

Buggin' Out: Why it got to be about jungle music? Why it got to be about Africa? It's about them fucking pictures!

Sal: It's about turning that shit off and getting the fuck out of my place!

Pino: Radio Raheem!

Radio Raheem: Fuck you!

Sal: And fuck you, too!

Punchy: Kick some ass, Sal! Get in there, Pino!

Radio Raheem: This is music. My music!

Sal: Fuck your music!

Radio Raheem: Well, turn it off, then.

Vito: Hey, man, get the fuck out of here! We're fucking closed!

Buggin' Out: Fuck you! We're closing you guinea bastards for good! For good, motherfucker! Until you get some black people on that motherfucking Wall of Fame!

Sal: You're gonna fucking close me? [Sal grabs his bat]

Buggin' Out: You're goddamn right!

Sal: You black cocksucker! I'll fucking tear your fucking nigger ass!

Punchy: Oh, we're niggers now? We niggers now!

Buggin' Out: You fucking white trash! I'll fuck you up!

Mookie: Sal, put the fucking bat down!

Buggin' Out: Come on, man, you fucking guinea trash! Jump over the motherfucking counter!

Sal: You black cocksucker! You nigger motherfucker!


 and the story goes on ...