piątek, 7 sierpnia 2015

Dj Chips Say Somethin' #4 Hip Hop?

What in your estimation is the state of so-called Hip Hop today?

In my opinion Hip Hop is now Hip Pop. It is very watered down. The best Hip Hop was the 90’s. Then it tanked. The topics they rap about now are boring. Anyway too many contributions for so called Hip Hop to come out of one borough. Plus people were hating on the term disco. So someone started saying Hip Hop. Just remember when so called Hip Flop started there were NO Hip Hop records. They were just playing the break parts of records. Who would want to hear that ALL night??? Its like skipping an entire chapters of a book just to see what happens at the end. I couldn’t do it. Records were designed to build to a climax. Hip Flop is fast food music.