piątek, 9 stycznia 2015

Dj Chips Say Somethin' #2 Nowadays Clubs

Kool Dee, like myself, are part of the founding fathers generation. He is a great deejay. I have the up most respect for the brother. Glad he is still here to tell his story. He inspired a lot of cats in the Bronx who later went on to become stars. I think they never talk about what came before them because all the attention would be on us.

Personally I wish there was a Club in NYC where I could play the music from my days as a deejay. I would shock people because they haven't heard those great sounds in such a long time. I would have to have a devastating sound system to come off correct. I do not need to follow the trend with the DJs and their Seratos. Just give me two turntables and step the fuck back.
I may not be as sharp when I was younger, but I can still turn a party out.

It would be cool to have a club that just catered to that music and let a back in the day guest dee jay come in and wreck the place like Dee and I. That would be cool.
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