czwartek, 1 maja 2014

Myka 9 – 1969 (2009)

Hippies, politicals, hippies to sexual revolution
Led Zeppelin, Woodstock plastics, innocence
Jimmy Hendrix, free love and indeed sunshine of your mind
The peace movement took Chicago 
And they took four dead in Ohio
The nakedness awakening a riot
Monty Python was flying in the circus
Bliss concerts, 
you know the doors are open
Anti-Vietnam War, Bob Dylan, Electric Kool-Aid 
Acid tests once more
Soul Shakedown, Further bus tour, Bob Marley, 
Weather The Storm
King Keezy, Jamaica and the shores
Alistair Crowley, Blowfly records
From Rocksteady to hardcore
The Gutter Punks that rock and roll adored

Every memory all around me
Every energy comes flowing to the show
It was all in me back in 1969

With my mother and my father's seeds
Love movement to discovery
From the moments that I couldn't have even I began to breathe
Back in 1969

Ska and reggae with the buddhism, good ism
This is space oddity and David Bowie listen
With the mushrooms that Terence McKenna do
The nudist colonies, never fearing interviews
Civil rights and peyote
And the play called heroin
We were noticed, the lonely
Women's rights, votes wagon buses
Bra burning, militant discussions
Faithful Grateful Dead and ganja
Crystal energies, something strong for the head
And lots of drugs, goo goo's and rainbows
San Francisco styles of [?]
Haight-Ashbury, Venice Beach
Janice Joplin [?]
Aldous Huxley LSD
Free speech, Timothy Leary
Doors of perception are appearing

Black and white connection, Miles Davis in collection
Indian spirits resurrections
James Brown getting down
Onto country joe, the cointelpro file
Counterculture know how
The trip over racial violence, we can liberate from this
Give back to the land, earth, day
And announce that it works this way

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