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Betty Davis RIP

26.07.1945 - 09.-02.2022

Betty Davis, former wife of Miles Davis passed yesterday at the age of 77. 

She ushered in funk music from a black woman's perspective. Betty integrated soul, funk, and rock, which was unheard of during the early 70's. Plus Betty sexuality and saucy lyrics turned d the record industry upside down. She had thing gut wrenching raspy sound. And she she could purr like a kitten when she wanted to. 

I bought Betty's first album based on the album cover. I was like, "Oh, sweat! Who is this?" She was wearing these cut off jeans and high silver boots. The album came with a poster, which I framed and have hanging on my wall. It's now a collectors item. Betty's provocative lyrics and stage show paved the way for Madonna, Erica etc.. to follow. 

Betty never achieved notoriety because the record industry didn't know how to promote her style of music. Plus they wanted her to be like Aretha. 

Betty wasn't having it. So after three albums she quit. Check out her documentary "They Say I'm Different" Betty-"If I'm in luck I just might get picked up. I'm wiggling my fanny. This is my night out." 


Written by Legendary DJ Chips

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