środa, 7 marca 2012

True Hip Hop Memoirs

"The goal of True Hip Hop Memoirs is to focus on preserving the oldest books in Hip Hop's library. After years of witnessing the heartache coming from the forgotten, a precedent needed to be set.  What was clear was Hip Hop's superstructure had reached the clouds, and its foundation was no longer visible by the naked eye.  Upon further investigation a toxic philosophy was revealed, and it continues to condition Hip Hop's offspring to accept the "present" is where the true value lies, and the past is only a place where the bodies are buried."

@ truehiphopmemoirs.com

Za pośrednictwem portalu społecznościowego, L.A. Sunshine z legendarnej grupy Treacherous Three, podkęcił mi link, właśnie do True Hip Hop Memoirs. Pozycja "Must Check It" dla wszystkich którzy kochają prawdziwy "korzenny" hip hop! Peace!

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