środa, 27 marca 2013

''12 The Furious Five feat. Cowboy, Melle Mel & Scorpio - Step Off (1984)

I was sitting on the corner just a wasting my time
When i realised i was the king of the rhyme
I got on the microphone and what do you see huh!
The rest was my legacy
I was born to be the king of the be bop swing
To have Stallions and medallions, big diamond rings
To own a castle and a yacht, two million in gold
'Cause rap is the game that i control
I'm like Shakespeare, i'm a pioneer
Because i made rap something people wanted to hear
See before my reign it was the same old same
You took "the ba with the ba"
That's street-talk game
So if you ever, let me make this clear
If you ever think that we're stepping out of here
You ever think you're getting up, down, around or in huh huh!
You better think again my friend
Because the door is closed and we're in town
And the only place you can go is down...

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