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Universal Zulu Nation - Facts (English Version)

What is a Universal Zulu Nation? Is a Universal Zulu Nation only an image of what is visible in media in other words hip hop: DJ-ing, MC-ing (Rap), Breaking, Graffiti Art and message of peace, respect, unity and good fun? To answer this and other questions we invite you to deeper “Magical Mystery Tour” to the World of Universal Zulu Nation.


The Universal Zulu Nation was started in 1973 in Bronx, New York City, in the USA. Its founder was DJ Afrika Bambaataa – the hip hop culture icon. At the beginning the Universal Zulu Nation was a street community which derived from Black Spades gang. Its aim was to direct street gangs’ negative energy to a positive activity of hip hop culture staring at that time, first among afroamerican and latinoamerican community.


Since 1973 – the moment of rising of the Universal Zulu Nation, its image has significantly changed. Let’s see how it looked like.

The 80’s

In 1982 the artists who came from the Universal Zulu Nation at that time made the first tourney to Europe under the name of “New York City Rap Tour”. They represented and popularized then the image of hip hop culture as well as the initial stream of the UZN (the Universal Zulu Nation) – message of peace, respect and unity. Very quickly Hip Hop became global, and the Universal Zulu Nation was the biggest hip hop oriented teenage community in New York. In France, England, Japan and Australia first branches of the Universal Zulu Nation were formed. The 80’s were “the strongest” period of the Universal Zulu Nation. After that time a group of legendary artists remained. Now they are recognized as pioneers of the hip hop culture.

The 90’s

At the beginning of the 90’s the Universal Zulu Nation started to promote Afrocentralism – a knowledge based on the believe, that the world’s culture has its roots in Africa. Its followers claimed that the first developed culture in the history of civilization was formed by black people.


In 2000 the Universal Zulu Nation informed on its internet web site, that with the New Century it leaves a stereotypical “system” based only on the beliefs following the facts – Factology vs. Beliefs, and as an International Hip Hop Awareness Movement it would teach “the truth” among other things on history and religions of the world, what it tries to do till the present days promoting the motto: “Truth is Truth, Facts are Facts”.

The Present Time

The Universal Zulu Nation is currently religious and social group defining itself as “an Organization”. The Universal Zulu Nation identifies itself with such values as: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Peace, Unity, Respect, Equality, Freedom, Justice, Change of Negativity into Positivity, Faith, Science, Truth, Facts, and promotes Oneness of God. As it states itself, it aspires to peace and the unification of all the races and nations of the world. The Universal Zulu Nation declares, that if it doesn’t reach to the above, otherwise mankind is heading in the direction of destruction and hell.

Goals Of The Universal Zulu Nation

To educate, develop and improve the present state of mind of adults and youth around the world.

To spread our message of love, peace and unity amongst all races through our ways and actions.

To preserve the culture of Hip-Hop and all art forms created from it and to use music as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding.

To provide a safe haven to nurture the inherent genius of adults and youth around the world.

To assist others in developing careers and opportunities as they express their God-given potential and talents.


The Universal Zulu Nation informs, that everybody who supports the goals of The Universal Zulu Nation and is able to act as an individual as well as in a group should consider the possibility of being a member of the Universal Zulu Nation. However the membership should be deliberate and thought through sensibly, because the Universal Zulu Nation convinces that it is open for everybody, but not everybody is meant for Zulu. The Universal Zulu Nation does not look for sympathizers or followers but for people with determination, active people who can be orderly and reliable to form the world of Zulu Nation correctly. In the membership questionnaire which contains 30 detailed questions, the UZN literally warns that everybody who answers the membership questionnaire does this on one’s own risk.

Philosophy Part I 
(Hip Hop)

Due to many changes occurring through years inside the Universal Zulu Nation, hip hop culture as an artistic form is currently only a small part of the UZN’s philosophy, what is an attempt of maintaining of all the artistic elements of hip hop culture as a one: DJ-ing, MC-ing (Rap), Breaking, Graffiti Art, and through which message of peace, respect and unity is propagated. Many people think it is the main aim of the UZN, only because it is shown by the media as the only image of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Philosophy Part II 
(Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding)

The Universal Zulu Nation declares and is aware of the fact, that we all live in the real world full of various problems, ideas, beliefs and unexplained tasks, what is obvious without the above declaration. Thus the philosophy of the UZN is willingness to act as an international teacher, who as the UZN declares, will raise the value of Zulu’s community first in mental, physical, moral, social, economic and spiritual way by rap music, and then by its Zulu learners in many countries will hand down the Zulu knowledge to other people according to the UZN rule: Each One Teach One.

Zulu Books

The Universal Zulu Nation aims at its own east culture style of life and the way of thinking. It is described in so called Zulu Books (Black Book and Green Book). These names are intentional and they have their origins. The Zulu Books are the philosophy of the UZN, which contains laws and rules of the UZN, “Zulu Infinity Lessons”, the UZN views, the UZN prayer and quotations among other things from the Bible and Koran. The content of the Zulu Books is described in so called “Zulu Knowledge”, which in turn is the key tool to improve mind, in order to become “Zulu Master”. For some it will be a priority, while for others the waste of time.

Laws and Regulations of the UZN 
(Change of Negativity into Positivity)

The Universal Zulu Nation has 46-point, what interesting – scientific regulations. Some of the rules are contradict to the others. That is why points such as: 7, 12, 16, 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 39, 40, 45, 46 should be analyzed individually. Respecting the UZN regulations may appear to some people a guide in their everyday life, while for others the rules may sound like “Zulu Nation Monastery” and may have nothing in common with “ Universalism” of Zulu Nation, and may be associated with manipulation and limitation of personal liberties.

The Zulu Nation is no gang. It is an Organization of individuals in search of success, peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the righteous way of life.

Zulu members must search for ways to survive positively in this society.

Negative activities are actions belonging to the unrighteous. The animal nature is the negative nature. Zulus must be civilized.

Zulu members must learn the Infinity Lessons.

Zulus should not be affiliatied with any organizations, whose foundation is based on negativeness.

Zulus are expected to be at peace with self and others at all times.

Zulus are taught to stand up for whatever they believe in and to believe in the laws of the Prophet Muwsa (Moses) “ An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

Zulus should greet each other with the proper greeting, such as Peace Akhi (brother), Akhi Peace or Peace Queen.

Zulus are to greet their brothers and sisters when entering and leaving a meeting or anywhere on this planet earth.

Zulus are to stay away from trouble.

Zulus are not allowed to settle their differences with other Zulus by fighting each other.

Zulus should not bring Zulus into their personal matters. If need of guidance or assistance on their problem, then they should speak to their Zulu leaders.

Zulus are forbidden to advertise their involvement in the Zulu Nation in an unrespectful way, especially using our name with crime or violence.

Zulus should remember to lead a peaceful way of life and strive to be righteous.

Zulus are to search for knowledge of self in order to elevate themselves from the jungle world.

Zulus should try to uplift the Zulu Nation at all times. They should enlighten those who give us a bad name into the true way of a Zulu, which is described in the Infinity Lesson number 4, question number 5 (What is the job of a Zulu).

All Zulus should participate in the Zulu Nation Unification Rallies.

Anybody not participating in the changes being made in the Zulu Nation is not a Zulu.

Zulu Kings and Zulu Queens are equally as important in the foundation. Respect must be insured. Leaders must be respected (Kings and Queens).

The Zulu Nation anniverary (Founded date) is November 12. This is the official date and should be celebrated in the same week, Friday and Saturday, wherever the 12th falls on.

Obey those in authority amongst you.

Do not gossip.

Do not lust.

Your duty is to report all slackness, weakness and wrong doings.

Do not deal with the hypocrite or show sympathy towards them.

Leave smoking of any kind(Marijuana, tobacco products, crack) alone. They are all dangerous to your health. Research on what you put in your mouth or body.

No dope (Heroin, cocaine or any other).

Stay away from drinking alcohol(wine, whiskey, beer, ale or other intoxicants). All they do is mess up your mind (brain), liver and will give you other problems with body. Truth is truth!

You must be clean at all times (mind and body) at home and abroad.

Speak truth and stand up on the facts of truth.

No stealing.

Do not commit acts of violence on ourselves or others.

Do unto others as you would want done unto you.

You should love your brother or sister believe in yourself.

Do be kind and do good to all.

Kill no one whom Allah, Yahweh, God, Jah, which ever name you wish to call The Supreme One, has not ordered to be killed.

Maintain post until properly relieved.

Do not fool, rub or pat sisters or sisters the same with the brothers.

Do not talk Zulu Nation business on telephone or with the brothers.

Do not talk Shaka Zulu affairs outside the Shaka Zulu meetings with anyone including wife or family and relatives.

Keep up prayer.

Know thyself and know others, knowledge is Infinite as God The Supreme Force self.

Do not play any game of chance (Russian Roulette, Train Surfing etc).

Do not listen to the whispering devil, if something is said, find out the facts within the story.

We as amazulus will do all in our power to uplift the Zulu Nation. If there are any disruptions to the nation, then we as amazulus must take appropiate action to see no harm comes to the Zulu Nation.

All members should follow and carry out rules within everyday life.

The Beliefs Of Universal Zulu Nation 
(Oneness of God)

We believe in the one God, who is called by many names- Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Eloahim, Jah, God, The Most High, The Creator, The Supreme One. We believe, as Amazulu, we will not fight or kill other human beings over which proper name to call God. We will recognize them all to be the same one God. We believe God will come to be seen by the human eye and will straighten out the problems that human beings brought upon this planet so-called Earth...

The Universal Zulu Nation thinks that it teaches existence and mutual respect to religions of all nations, convincing that all the religions are a part of Zulu Nation. Multicultural and multi religious (as the members come from many various religions) society of UZN believes in one God, who is described with many names and recognizes him as the only one and the same. It is said in 15-point beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation, and then more precise so called understanding – explanation of particular 15-point beliefs of UZN. In Islam, in order to be the believer of this religion, you only have to believe and accept the fact that Allah is only one. In Islam, Allah, the Creator has many names, 99 to be precise, which are used by people to describe him. According to the philosophy of Zulu Nation, no matter what name people call their God, for UZN it is still the same God – the only one and indivisible Allah, according to the UZN Views described by many names, which for Zulu Nation are not as important as describing one Creator – Allah, what for UZN means Oneness of God. It may look like a text manipulation, which influences the people’s sub consciousness. UZN should know, that apart from the Creator’s various names, given by people all over the world there are also natural differences between the religious views of all the nations and cultures.

A Definition of being a Zulu

The Universal Zulu Philosophy teaches its members to spread the UZN all the time explaining the definition of being a Zulu to all those people who allegedly voice a negative opinion about the UZN. Being a Zulu means that one should not be prejudiced against other people. Teach “the truth”. According to the UZN philosophy it should be “Zulu Knowledge”, wisdom and ability to understand this knowledge. Respect only those, who respect Zulu society, but if anybody from the UZN society is attacked by a person that does not aspire to the peace with the Universal Zulu Nation, then all the members of the UZN in the name of Allah, Jehovah … are told to fight against those, who fight against Zulu People. The above refers to no 7 the UZN rule, that says that Zulu Members are taught to respect the Moses Law “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

Zulu Perfection

The UZN states that the more Zulu members it has, the more “Zulu Knowledge” is present, since the knowledge is “the power”, that joins two strengths : mental strength (mind) and physical strength (the number of Zulu members). According to the Universal Zulu Nation achieving the above is perfection. Other UZN sciences say that it is not responsible to be 100% perfect.

The Universal Zulu Nation’s Constitution 
(Justice, Equality, Freedom)

The UZN explains that its actions differ from gangs’ actions, which have taken their ideas from Los Angeles gangs and do not differ from gangs’ activity of 70’s. The UZN assures that, its activity is based on positivity, what is mentioned in created by the UZN constitution. It also stated that every UZN chapter, regardless of a geographical situation, that is regardless of a country, comes under the UZN Constitution authority.

A Definition of a Zulu Leader

The Universal Zulu Nation describes its leaders in a following way: Leaders are the people who are able to devour any kind of knowledge and are able to understand the knowledge (Zulu knowledge). They are the people, who teach everybody who posses no knowledge of how to behave or talk to others, or how to cope with any problems the may face on their way in the Universal Zulu Nation. For some people it will be a kind if a challenge, while for others it may associate with Jehovah’s Witnesses mission.

Strength In Numbers

The meaning of “Zulu” according to the Universal Zulu Nation is the ”Strength In Numbers”, so we can say that Universal Zulu Nation literally means “Universal – Zulu = Strength In Numbers – Nation”. The UZN explains and assures that it is not an unspecified group or a social gang, but international society creating according to it itself – one independent nation. This “Organization” acts as a group in groups using organization structures derived from Black Spades street gang. The UZN has its chapters, with a specified hierarchy.

Zulu Members – People making attendance of particular chapters. Every UZN member has the right to make and run his/ her own UZN chapters, which is a continuation of the previous one.

Chapter Leaders – People representing and running a particular chapter. People responsible, among others, for delivering laws and the UZN orders, the UZN views and “Zulu Infinity Lessons” to the members of their chapters. They are also obliged to explain the meaning of the content to the UZN members.

Zulu Kings, Zulu Queens – People with the particular status inside the UZN, higher than Chapter Leaders. Zulu Kings and Zulu Queens have special privileges in the UZN. People with at least 3 year membership period in the UZN may apply for a status of Zulu Kings or Zulu Queens.

Shaka Zulus, Shaka Queens – People entered inside Shaka Zulu security chapters protecting among others an individual chapter and its members.

Some people call the UZN “Zulu Gestapo”. In the mid 90’s there were more than 400000 the UZN members in the world.

The Universal Zulu Nation used to be described as a social gang mainly because of similarities in organization structures of such gangs as: Latin Kings, La Familia, Dominicans Don’t Play, or Netas. The UZN itself prefers the name “street organization” than “social gang”. The aim of the Universal Zulu Nation is a society unity.

The Zulu Prayer 
(Peace, Unity)

The Universal Zulu Nation people come from various countries, nationalities, races, cultures, religions and as they say , they do not recognize any divisions forgetting that mankind has its own “cultural identity, a cultural code” which determines every nationality or culture. This natural division and cultural dissimilarity are to be respected, not eliminated. The UZN society describes themselves as Amazulu, that means “People of Heaven’. The Universal Zulu Nation has its roots in Black Spades gang, which is a family for its members. Black Spades gang had its own prayer. Currently “People of Heaven” that is The UZN universal society have its own prayer as well. For some people Zulu Prayer may have the meaning of Zulu spiritual unity chain power that allows to form a multicultural Nation that is according to Zulu Nation one family. For others the Zulu Prayer may be described as an aspiration for substituting all religions and convincing people to a new religion, the world’s only religion, that may cause a spiritual risk to other individual religious beliefs.

Faith, Truth, Facts

The Universal Zulu Nation literally claims that searching for the Truth, broadening “other” knowledge, reaching a certain kind of wisdom and ability to understand everything “that is devoured by our mind”, everything that “surrounds us” is its only aim. People of the Universal Zulu Nation claim that every religion or faith may contain truth and untruth. The proof of the above is the UZN emblem with a Solar System around the Bible and the Koran, with symbols of Alpha and Omega visible between them, and a question mark inside. According to the UZN way of thinking, everybody should prove the point of his or her individual faith basing on truth and facts (it is good to have such an expert). It looks like willingness to control freedom of religious beliefs.

Jesus Christ and the UZN

In the UZN “sciences” a reference to two different religions can be found: Christianity and Islam, and a certain stress on the figure of Jesus Christ. The UZN considers the following issue: “Do the UZN members believe, that Jesus Christ is Allah?”. Being objective, one may say, that the above question does not apply as in Islam Allah is the only one and indivisible, while in Christianity there is the Holy Trinity, and God (the Father), Jesus Christ (the Son of God) and the Holy Spirit are part of it. The UZN also suggests that history of Jesus Christ is history that should be examined by the UZN members in their spare time. The UZN also assures that all the religions are respected by them. If the above is true, the UZN should not interfere in presence of other religions, remaining impartiality and respect, which is stressed by the UZN.

Symbolism of Universal Zulu Nation

The Universal Zulu Nation members carry such symbols as: necklaces or T-shirts with an outline of the African continent, or a man’s face from a Zulu tribe, from which the name UZN was taken. Currently these symbols have been replaced by the Egyptian symbols such as the Horus’ Eye, the ankh cross and pagan jewelry with pentagrams. Yet the old UZN symbols are still practiced by the Universal Zulu Nation members and are their recognizable sign.

The Beliefs of Universal Zulu Nation contain the knowledge taken from such doctrines as:

5% The Nation of Gods on Earths - a syncretism religious movement. Wu-Tang Clan is one of the hip-hop groups which popularized 5%The Nation of Gods on Earths.

Nation of Islam – a syncretism religious movement. Some critics describe the Nation of Islam as a Ku Klux Klan, a reflection of The White Nazis. Many hip hop representatives are members of Nation of Islam.

Nuwaubian Nation of Moors - an organization stated as Hate Groups. Nuwaubian combines many issues like: New Age, cosmology, ezoterism, occultism. Afrika Bambaataa, one of the Nuwaubian leaders is the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation.

Many sciences of Islam Nation, Nuwaubian, 5% Nation is used by the Universal Zulu Nation. For one the views of the Universal Zulu Nation may be indisputable views, while for others may sound like utopian ideas.

Syncretism in the Universal Zulu Nation

The Universal Zulu Nation official web site contains various information, with many symbols connected, among others, with Masonic Symbolism. There are also other issues and symbols interspersed between syncretic gibberish. Syncretism is a combination of various, often divergent and contradictory views; revealing the rules or beliefs that involve distant elements which are seemingly or really mutually contradictory. That is as if one tried to join water and fire. Following the UZN philosophy, that on the one hand advices not be prejudiced against getting the knowledge, and on the other hand this philosophy teaches, that the biggest need is the common sense.

However, to be not prejudiced, and have the common sense are two different issues. All this mixture, that by the UZN is called the knowledge, may arouse anxiety. It is obvious that introducing many terms at the same time may create a sort of chaos, and as a matter of fact it has nothing in common with what is visible but with something completely different. It may have the reasons in “syncretic gibberish” on the UZN official web site, this site has been blocked by certain authorities.

Zulu Infinity Lesson 

The Zulu knowledge is so called “Zulu Infinity Lesson” – the basis to improve Zulu’s mind. These are the information on how to be a success, on personal rights, which may differ a bit from the constitutional personal rights applying to everybody and information about human mind etc. These basic as well as some others “Infinity Zulu Lesson” as the name states itself are mainly for the UZN members to educate them in a particular way. They are the key to fulfill the first aim and the first rule of UZN. Improving one’s mind in UZN philosophy means the ability to pass down “zulu knowledge” to members, who would pass down the knowledge to the next, and finally all of them could obtain the same way of thinking. Many sciences of Nation of Islam, Nuwaubian, 5% Nation is used by the Universal Zulu Nation as “Zulu Infinity Lesson”. “Zulu Infinity Lesson” are also, according to UZN, information from various fields and sources of knowledge, based (according to UZN theory) on facts, that as The Universal Zulu Nation states, is addressed to all the people all over the world in order to spread the knowledge everywhere. For some people it will be a motivation to broaden their horizons, while for others a controversy or “dry” knowledge without a meaning.

Organization & Movement

There are many groups describing themselves as “an Organization” or “a Movement” etc., that “recruit” new members, introducing them step by step in their “ranks”, using such values as peace, unity, equality, love, respect, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, justice, truth. At the beginning it seems to be positive and without fault. Trying to understand the above issue some people may recognize it as “brain wash”, while others may call it “a higher philosophy” or “ a universal way of thinking”.

Zulu or Hip Hop?

“Zulu Knowledge” included in “Infinity Lessons”, Zulu rules, Zulu views, Zulu prayer is not a collection of “loose” information but a foundation of the UZN philosophy with its aim and the meaning as a whole. Many people associate the UZN only with hip hop culture and as a result they unconsciously join the UZN people and they state “I’m in a hip hop organization”. That in turn presents the UZN only as “hip hop fun club”, that is not true. If you want to be a Zulu – respect the UZN Rules, back up the UZN views, expand Zulu’s knowledge, improve wisdom in order to achieve the ability of understanding this knowledge, adhere to Zulu faith, say Zulu prayers – Stay Real, Be A Zulu. If you want to be hip hop – be independent – Keep Roots Alive, Be A Hip Hop.


The fact is indisputable and unquestioned respect for the first generation of the Universal Zulu Nation for its known contribution to initial hip hop culture development in the USA in the end of the 70’s, the beginning of the 80’s when hip hop had a completely different meaning than currently, and for all those followers, who popularized the initial UZN idea later, and for the present UZN involvement in various activities such as: teaching programs, private lessons, seminars, conferences, magazines, concerts, musical events etc.


One may ask following questions connected with such subheadings as:

Membership – If the Universal Zulu Nation is so “Universal”, and everything it does has only good intentions, why people answering the membership questionnaire are warned to do this at their own risk?

Laws and Management – Why the UZN does not modernize the UZN Rules? Initially the UZN rules were directed towards street gang societies in the 70’s? Since the 70’s many years have passed, and some of the present UZN members in many countries as well as people interested in a potential UZN membership do not come from street gang societies. According to the UZN Law and Management this is “loose information”. If it is so, why there are 46 of them and they are called “laws and management”?

Faith, Truth, Facts – Why is religion mixed up in hip hop? What does religion have in common with Graffiti Art creation, dancing, music creation, spoken poetry(Rap) and a good fun? Music itself bounds people, while faith or religion should be one’s own business?

Zulu Infinity Lesson – Does the UZN by instilling “the Zulu knowledge” from “Zulu Infinity Lessons” aspires to gradual directing its members’ way of thinking and changing their culture or their own religious beliefs to “Zulu faith”?

Jesus Christ and the UZN – Does the Universal Zulu Nation, under the aegis of values that it identifies with itself, aspires to invalidate basis of the Christian religion?

Strength in Numbers – Does the UZN use hip hop culture to recruit new members in various countries, in order to popularize the UZN philosophy in a society, and then create more and more chapters similar to a structure of a group in groups, introducing “zulu faith” inside a given country? If it is true one should think what is the aim of the above.

Universal Zulu Nation New World Power

The Universal Zulu Nation seems to be a disputable issue, as it has its followers, opponents and those for whom the UZN existence is unimportant. As many people, as many opinions. Is the UZN only a hip hop, peace, unity, respect and a good fun, or a conscious responsibility of “Zulu Way Of Life” realization, that may turn out to be a tool to establish world’s Universal Zulu Nation New World Power? “People of Heaven” (Amazulu) strongly believe in this. The answer to this and other questions is left to you – Dear Readers.

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